Franchise Application

Franchise is the act of a person called the franchisor granting the right to another person called the franchisee to conduct business – franchise shop - for his own account in connection with the trademark or trade name owned by the franchisor or licensed to use it, including providing technical expertise and technical knowledge to the franchisee and specifying the method of operating the franchise business The concession is in exchange for a financial or non-financial consideration that does not include the amounts paid by the franchisee to the franchisor in exchange for items and services. So We perform all procedures and provide all legal services to establish the relationship between the two parties in terms of preparing contracts and procedures related to them.

Through the application of the Judicial and Law Museum, the following is provided:

Mediation in commercial franchise contracts

Preparing local and international memorandum of understanding and agreements.

Franchise Magazine

Providing consulting and arguments

Evaluation work and experience.

Providing specialized courses, seminars and workshops

Arguments and defending

Conciliation and arbitration.

Preparing specialized studies and research

Books and references.

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