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Legal Services

Adjudicate and sessions

The office pleads and defends in all types of cases and at all judicial authorities and quasi-judicial committees... More

Preparing Memorandums and Regulations

The office prepares all memoranda and letters that are submitted to the judicial authorities and other government agencies ... More

Foreign investment

The office performs all procedures for obtaining licenses related to foreign investment with all the competent authorities ... More


The endowment is the confinement of the origin and the benefit, as we carry out the procedures for documenting the endowment with the competent authorities ... more

Legal Consultation.

The office provides all legal advice, whether written or oral ...More

Execution and debt collection

The office provides all legal services related to executive bonds of any kind... More

Conciliation and arbitration.

We provide all documentation services to individuals, institutions, companies, banks and associations... More

Formulate and Audit the contracts

We draft and review contracts and agreements in a way that guarantees and preserves the interests of the entity in the face of third parties and provides guarantees that ensure the implementation of contracts... More

Companies and institutions incorporation

The office performs all procedures for establishing companies and institutions, preparing articles of incorporation and decisions of partners ... More


We provide all authentication services to individuals, institutions, companies, banks and associations, in accordance with the text of Article 15 of the Authentication System ... More

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محمد علي عبدالرؤوف

مستشار قانوني نظم عامة

ميسار ماجد جيلان


هيثم مختار ملكه

مستشار قانوني نظم عامة

شوقي محمد باحميدين


شهلة عدنان الشريف


ميسار ماجد جيلان


د. خالد أمين يوسف

محام ومستشار قانوني وموثق معتمد من قبل وزارة العد ومدرب معتم من قبل المؤسسة العامة للتدريب المهني والتقني

حرصا منا على تقديم خدماتنا بشكل أفضر وتوعية عملاؤنا بما يهمهم ممايتعلق بالمجالات المختلفة مثل الحماية الفكرية تأسيس الشركاتو, الخ

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