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The Office provides all authentication services under a license to practice the authentication works no. (1007/39) dated 25/2 / 1439H

Our Services

The office provides all legal services including pleading, defence and offering counsel for people, companies, trading corporations, and agencies and contract documentation service.

Legal Services

Legal representative, whether a prosecutor or defendant, including: (claim, prosecute, file lawsuits and the establishment of the evidence, defense and accept verdict and challenge it and the execution of judgments and decisions)

Arbitration & Reconciliation

Natural Persons and Corporations resorted to Arbitration with their consent, lending more stable their relationship, in this regard the office has the experience, competence and perception required by the arbitration regulation in the commercial,

Authentication Services

The Office provides all authentication services under a license to practice the authentication works no. (1007/39) dated 25/2 / 1439H

  • Issuance of agencies for individuals, companies and institutions…

Franchise Program

A franchising contract is a contract between two parties to the grantor which approves the other party (s) to use one or more intellectual and industrial property rights or knowledge to produce the goods or distribute the products under the brand

Family’s Lawyer Program

The Office offers the family’s lawyer program to settle legal disputes arising between members of one family, and provides legal consultations for families in arbitration and conciliation issues, easy and confidentiality,

Intellectual Property Protection

Welcome to our leading program intellectual property rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the office of Dr. Khalid Amin Yusuf’s for intellectual property rights service. Our program provide a wide range of services for trademarks,

Research & Legal Studies

The Center for Research and Legal Studies includes all legal researches related to the system in accordance with international standards in the preparation of research and studies, as well as all legal studies, opinions and suggestions on regulations and other matters in many branches of the system which facilitate the

Endowment Program

1. Follow-up endowment procedures before the Ministry of endowment to ensure that the endowment has been due and its terms and conditions been satisfied

2. Draft procedures for different endowments (capability, charity, mutual and endowment will) according to the legal system


As we have a great deal of work, and translation is significant; we established a special department for translation entitled the International Centre of .translation. Translation types as Legal translation, Medical translation, Financial translation, Letters and Commercial contracts

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